Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi my name is Marc and I wanna talk to you about a company that was started in 2007 called Clixsense. Clixsense is a web site that allows you to earn money from clicking on ads, advertise your business, pays you for referrals 8 levels down , and last but not least Clixsense has guessing game that allows you a chance to win $5.00 dollars once a day.There are a lot of possibilities with clixsense.

Clixsense is a great opportunity since you get payed for every ad you click. Clixsense allows you to earn a little money here and there which can sustain you at times when you might wanna go out and hang with the friends. It takes very little to earn money with this opportunity. The site lets you cash out every time you make at least 10 dollars. I usually cash out by check but a lot of times i spend money on advertising. So trust me I know personally know the site works.

Clixsense has a free membership and a payed membership. So I know you are asking why the site has both memberships and why can't it all be free right? The reason is as simple as this. If you are an online advertiser who is trying to get people to either buy an item online or to take part in a network marketing opportunity you aren't gonna want to advertise your opportunity to people who won't even spend money on a 10 dollar membership for one year. How can they expect you to spend your money on what they have to promote? The benefit to spending 10 dollars for an upgraded membership is the opportunity to click on more ads. But if you truely can't afford the small fee of 10 dollars for the whole year don't worry. Clixsense allows you to use your earnings from your free membership to upgrade to a premium membership.

The next great thing about Clixsense is that it allows you to advertise your business. One of the best things about advertising on Clixsense is that you get to pick the demographic of people you wanna reach. You can reach people from over seas in places like Asia, Africa,or you can keep it local in the United States. It's super cheap to advertise on Clixsense. For about 12 dollars you can reach about 1,000 Clixsense users. Every time i advertise with it doesn't take any longer than 10-15 minutes to get 1,000 unique people to click on your ads. In addition you get payed for every ad click that your first level down line purchases.

Clixsense also pays you 8 levels down if your a premium member. Well, I know I just told you that 10 percent of every ad that your first level down line purchases but you also get payed for your first level down lines ad clicks. You get payed 10 percent of every click. This feature makes it very easy to earn money while doing nothing. You get payed 2 dollars for every person who signs up for clixsense through or affiliate link and 1 dollar for everyone who signs up under your first level down line for a total of 8 levels down altogether.

Last but not least Clixsense also has a guessing game that allows you to win $5.00 dollars a day. The game is a board with a bunch of squares, if you touch the right square with the mouse you win 5 dollars but if you click the wrong square you get an advertisement. If you are a lucky person perhaps that would interest you. Imagine getting lucky and winning 5 dollars a day. That's 35 dollars extra a week. So that's extra money you can be making on top of clicking on ads and referring.

When you get a chance just check clixsense out. My name is Marc Gardin from and I hope i explained it good.